Moab Coyote 2001

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2005 at 9:01 pm

Oh my coyote,
They say you bring
But I have watched you,
And I know you bring not wisdom,
But hell.
Just when heaven is within reach
You make sure its opposite
Is there to sting.
Like the desert.
The sting of hell
That no explanation
No consciousness
And no preparation
Can ever take away.

Oh my coyote,
When you destroy me
With your hell,
Please try to leave
A little something

  1. So who or what is Coyote in this post?

  2. Good question. Coyote is the messenger, the harbinger, the first intuition that all is not right. Coyote shakes things up. He turns your world upside down. He toys with you. He won’t let you alone. Worst of all, he grins at you when he’s done.

  3. “The first intuition that all is not right.”Hmmm…so why would that destroy you? What…”the old man”…”the flesh?” Is the “old wine skin” clinging on for dear life, or what it believes to be life anyway? Does “I/Me/My” in “Moab” perceive healing and hope as a consequence of that “first intuition” as hell and death?So tell me Coyote, why the labyrinthine style?

  4. My Moab Coyote was indeed a harbinger of a season of death and destruction in my life. In the end, Coyote’s hell was a gift of heaven. But I sure hate going through hell to get to heaven. Healing came, in wonderful ways I could never have imagined. I am still very suspicious, however, of that crazy Coyote.Life is a labyrinth. Sometimes only Coyote holds the thread that leads us in, and, leads us out.

  5. Journey into Hell via “23 Minutes in Hell” by Bill Wiese. You’ll be glad you found your way out…

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