In Uncategorized on May 27, 2005 at 9:28 pm

Soaring cathedral spirit high,
Surrounded by little monsters shy
In such a sacred, holy place,
Your presence seems so out of place.

And yet, somehow, you fit,
The veil between our worlds is slit,
And in stained-glass holy light
You speak of bonfires, and pagans, and
Ghost filled night.

Ferocious ancient gods of night,
Made small because of Christian light
Now smile
Adorning edge of sacred place,
‘Round priest, and prayer, and saintly face.

Now we of scientific mind
Have left such darkened thoughts behind,
And cleansed our churches and hearts,
Of the monsters and demons of the blind.

But ancient gods not given place,
Return full-size with angry face,
And we bow down,
In war, and treachery, and sex,
Not remembering.

So let’s bring back the little creatures
And let them be our constant teachers,
Reminding us
That though our spirits soar towards light,
Our earth-souls still belong to night.


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