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Maybe I am missing something.

Deep Throat is finally revealed, and Chuck Colson comes out and says he was a bum for going to the press instead of to his superiors at the F.B.I. This seems to me to be total bullcrap on Colson’s part. Now I want to say that I have a great deal of respect for Colson. He is a good man, he loves God, and he knows more than most people about what true repentance is. I am a true admirer of Chuck Colson.

But on what basis at all does Colson chastize Felt? Has Colson forgotten how corrupt everyone was back then? Has Colson forgotten how corrupt he was back then? Felt would have been destroyed had he gone to his boss, or to the White House. The whole Watergate mess was a sewer of corruption, and sometimes the best thing to do is avoid the sewer and go somewhere else. Felt sought to clean the sewer the best way he knew how, which was to give information to the press, which at least was less corrupt than everyone else in Washington.

Felt and Woodward and Bernstein are heroes. Heroes. And on this subject, Chuck, just shut up.

  1. Thanks for your honest comments. We must honor the Truth even and especially when it’s our friends and role models doing the lying.

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