Things I Hate

In Uncategorized on September 7, 2012 at 8:02 pm

Here it is. I’m at Walgreens, and there is always, always an elderly lady ahead of me in line. And she always, always, has a basket full of stuff that is on sale. And this dear elderly woman always, always, watches like a hawk to make sure she gets every penny due her. And even though there are fifteen people waiting in line, this dear sweet woman always thinks the clerk made a mistake, and she is sure those cans of jelly beans are two for a dollar. And always, always, somebody has to go back and check, and always, always, this dear, sweet, saintly woman is wrong. And so grumbling softly, this dear, sweet, saintly, kind woman pays, and she always, always, always has exact change. And she pulls her little coin purse out, and slowly finds four pennies . Finally, she slowly leaves the lane, and the other 25 people in line cheer.

I hate it.


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